A Layman’s Bible Commentary On I Corinthians – Lesson I

The spiritual truths in this post have extremely relevant implications for us today if we are prepared to confront the details. It is a most severe problem.

When creating Christian content it is essential to get the right concept throughout while utilizing Biblical ideas. Christian content material can be fashioned on a selection of subjects. Everything from parenting and funds, to business and politics has a Christian point of see to it. As a Christian writer you are just including your stage of see as a Christian to that subject.

Unsaved individuals are always viewing to see if a Christian acts any differently when they go via poor occasions, simply because they have informed the globe that they have a potent God who can satisfy all their requirements. When you allow the flesh consider control, occasionally you never get a opportunity to undo the harm you have carried out to your Christian testimony as far as that one person or incident is worried.

Think about it: salespeople that go out of their way to help you choose what to purchase even after you insist on buying the cheapest brand name name, a beautician that throws in a totally free conditioning treatment with a calming scalp therapeutic massage just simply because you are this kind of a Powerful testimony faithful consumer, an auto mechanic that cleans up your vehicle and even sprays some air freshener prior to you get in, a instructor that handwrites you a special be aware highlighting the exceptional skills of your (unusually vigorous) child and mentioning particular instances when he was caught doing something good. the possibilities are limitless.

Here again, ask the consumer. Learn to recognize what you do right in accordance to these who actually use your product. Not only will it help you build on success; but it could also be a great testimony. A good testimony is an incredibly powerful sales tool. Recommendations include credibility . a key component for building trust. And a created document of consumer success and fulfillment can significantly broaden your checklist of paying customers.

Also, make the option to study your Bible on a every day foundation and spend time in prayer seeking direction. Place God first in your everyday lifestyle. All you need to do is make the first stage, and He will satisfy you anywhere you are.

If you are a Christian and you can’t get your mind off those cheerleader try-outs; pray about it. It might be an open door that will give you an chance to develop. It might be a period in your life to reinforce your self physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Maintain your thoughts on Christ, attempt out and see what happens!