A Mere Hundreds Of Ringgit Web Presence

Making a living out of selling Logo Designs can be fraught with danger. Cuthroats willing to slash your throat on street corners, drug crazed thugs and conniving conmen are just some of the things to avoid. Its a jungle out there so make sure your logo design is bulletproof.

There’s a reason why this is the last tip, it’s the most important. You see, you can be the greatest website designer in the world but if no one knows about you, all your skills will be completely useless. I remember when I would browse the websites of other designers and after looking at the work they did for their clients I’d be thinking “hey, I could have done a better job than that!” but the fact remained that they stil had more clients and were making much more money than I was. In order to succeed you must take marketing your business very seriously. I would say you should aim to spend about 30% of your time applying the other tips on this page and 70% on internet marketing, this is your number one most important activity.

Not only is it hard to communicate if there is a language, but as you can communicate with the company, which is half of the world? Are you going to want after a long day to spend more time at home working on your business website?

Because the web is interactive, it is connecting to our brains in a much more rapid way than print, and much more direct way that passive media like TV. Look at heat maps of how people look at the best corporate view graphicdesigner2b logo designs.

Statistics show that people read web sites from top to bottom left to right. The best place to put a call to action? The top left of your web site. Almost no companies have their contact number listed at the top left. If it’s not there, the next best place is the top right. Your phone number should be on every page of your web site listed very visibly.

A website template’s HTML saves much of your time. You can skip virtually weeks of raw time in web development if you rely on ready-made HTML. This is a lifesaver especially if you are pressed for time and must produce a website within a specific duration. You can always tweak it a little bit later.

The great thing about WordPress is that it allows developers to create plugins. Plugins offer added features to your website. These include plugins that will help with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and allow you to easily add a contact form to your website. There are over 17,000 plugins at the time of writing and they do every function that you could possibly need for your WordPress website.