Are Baby Boomers Prepared To Care For Their Elderly Parents?

Both my husband and I have been dealing with issues surrounding our elderly parents. Maybe by me expressing our experiences, it will help other people to sort out their feelings and choices and maybe lessen the guilt factor a bit.

That is the way our body moves effortlessly and efficiently in everyday activities, like taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, picking up the dishes, etc. Physical activity in and around our homes is important, and a useful way to maintain a basic amount of physical ability and mobility, but when fighting against ravishes of the normal aging process that will occur without significant intervention, it may not be enough. Older adults that live in an Memory Care Communities McKinney TX situation, or even in a condominium that has most outdoor chores done for them, may not have the need to be really active around their home…so they’re not.

Activities include homey things like folding laundry and special things like holiday dinners. You may plan family activities for your loved one as well. As memory disease progresses, however, it is harder for your loved one to participate in activities. Is it time to cut back? Consider these points before you make a decision.

For those who need long term care on an extended basis, the very threat of bankruptcy becomes very real when faced with spending years in a nursing home. And your immediate family who is depending and relying upon those family assets are at risk as well.

Many seniors want to stay home, and doing so can help them preserve their estates. Under the current laws, if an individual goes into a nursing home, they must pay for their own care if they are able to do so. They will not be eligible for government assistance until their assets are liquidated and the resulting funds depleted. People assume that they can simply transfer assets into their name, but the government has a look-back period, and they will catch any such transfers. If your loved one really wants to stay home, finding a way to make it happen can be far less expensive than a nursing home.

Here’s a good example: The Veteran’s Administration (VA) houses 35,000 veterans every day. If they double that, if they just double that number, we’re talking about 1/10th of one per cent of the Baby Boomers. If they just double their capacity, and that would be on a “resource available” basis, because they are already full. Where will the money come from? Where will the health care workers come from? The largest segment of our population is going to become senior citizens.

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