Avoiding Distractions Doing Home Based Work

Women are the compassionate evokers. Their innate nature births ideas into the world, co-creates and nourishes the soul of the planet. Women have changed voting legislation, right to work laws and equal pay amendments and still went home to cook, clean and change diapers. Women enforced laws against drunk driving as they buried their children. Women see, feel and act in the name of justice, humanity and equality. The destiny of the world is encoded in their hearts and souls.

However, there also were members of both parties who worried all that would happen was continued political communications company gridlock and nothing would get accomplished.

For example, I do not think that the function of government is to be a management board for corporate interests, a mechanism for transferring public money to private use. I think government should work to maximize the opportunity, fulfillment, economic security and productivity of each and every person no matter how young or old, no matter what race, ethnic group, sexual orientation or social class. I do not believe that it is the function of government to help rich people get richer. I do not believe that government should use the tax money of the average Jo/e to subsidize corporate profits. I do not believe that making money is the end all and be all of life.

We need democracy at play at international levels, to carry the writ of the majority who are for peace & isolate those with vested interests to keep the tensions ongoing. The world has to unite, focus on what benefits humanity, and get cracking without let-up. We lose time, money & even precious lives by intransigence that sees issues being unresolved & passed on from generations to generations. Their resolutions based on compromises would have carried us to another level; investments of time & money there from would have enriched us all, not least from better understanding based on basic human courtesy.

John Roselli, a Mafia lieutenant of Giancana’s, was dismembered, stuffed into an oil drum and dropped into the ocean off Miami in July 1976. Roselli was the Mafia’s contact man for its assassination projects with the CIA and political communications company was scheduled for a second appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee when he was killed. Makes one wonder if Hoffa knew something.

Breathe deeply and slowly before you start your day. Breath is the life-force that opens one up to hear the deeper voices of passion that live from within.

McMahon and Malloy had very good campaigns, very well organized and implemented. Mike Fedele very somberly conceded to republican Tom Foley, the former ambassador to Ireland. Winner with 42 percent of the vote, Tom Foley believes “we need to stop wasting money and investing in our schools, economy and future. We need to change the culture in the executive branches or our government”. He believes in a “Leaner more affordable government”. “We need to make the state more business friendly”. Some people said that Oz Griebel ran a good campaign, but it’s too bad he didn’t have a lot of money to spend on his campaign; people just couldn’t get to know him.