Avoiding Holiday Burnout With These 5 Tips

Summer Adventures is a one-stop amusement park destination with fun and entertainment for guests of all ages. Located in the historic Fair Park in Dallas. The park includes more than 20 acres of rides, games, stage shows, water play pools, fountains and misters to help Texans beat the heat while relaxing with family and friends. And as always, the park offers its classic Texas fair food.

Do not use any sedatives or anxiety medications without consulting your veterinarian! That warning includes any natural supplements. Many substances can interact badly.

After all that excitement the meeting starts. Some people say its good and it boosts morale. I say its overkill and it gives the meeting the dreary feel of a recovery support group. It begins to get a little bit corny when the Polenböller kaufen are being fired off because a cat is now eating dry food.

It does look like we’ll return to a more summer-like weather pattern by the weekend. Temps will soar into the low 90s and the muggies will head back into the forecast unfortunately. The good news is the weather looks to be sunny Friday through Sunday with a few storms possible on Monday.

This report is similar to a Westmoreland County, PA, report Gordon reported on from Oct. 26, 2008, in Mysterious Sky Flashes Puzzle Pennsylvania Observers.

Enjoy a family picnic: Why not take your children and spouse to the park or the lake and enjoy a great family picnic. Pack some sandwiches and juice and enjoy a day spending quality time together.

Sugar Creek: The longest running parade in the state of Missouri starts at 11:00 am from Sterling Avenue and Lexington Avenue. Musical entertainment in the form of the Heritage Philharmonic kicks off at 8:00 pm. Fireworks begin at roughly 9:30 pm.