Can A Homemade Iontophoresis Device Help You Cure Your Sweaty Palms?

Sweaty palm condition happens to be with many people. This is called as hyperhidrosis. In this condition what happens exactly is sweating glands of the hand produce excessive sweat. We generally see our body producing sweat during high temperature, rigorous work, stressed condition, etc. But when despite of all these reasons sweat is produced in hands is called sweaty palms. Before searching ways to cure sweaty palms, let us find the cause of it. is a non invasive and non surgical procedure. Since its debut more than 50 years ago, this treatment has been successful as a sweaty hands cure to millions of users. This is a procedure which has no side effects, despite the millions who have undergone the treatment. The process is simple. Soak your palms in two separate trays filled with water and connect the device for twenty minutes on a daily basis. Repeat this daily routine over a period of one week and you will see dramatically dryer palms. To keep the degree of dryness, repeat this twenty minute session once every three weeks. And amazingly that is all to the treatment.

And the severity of the case does not matter. It’s safe and effective regardless of how bad or how long you’ve been suffering. Better yet, you will suffer absolutely no side effects from using this method.

It is safe to say that the electrical current produced by the device is so small, that you don’t even feel a thing! The only parts you do need are a couple of wires, batteries and two aluminum containers to put your feet in.

There are three main solutions to treating this condition however, (coming from someone who has been there) I can tell you that some are fantastic and some are not so fantastic. So lets check these methods out.

One of the newest methods for treating this problem is Botox. You’re probably thinking that’s how you remove wrinkles from your face and it is. It works pretty much the same way. It is injected into the skin and instead of killing nerves (like with wrinkles), it kills sweat glands. For me, I’m not interested in killing my sweat glands, only to reduce their sweating.

And it’s so simple to build a 10 year old kid could do it and use it! I told this to many of my friends who had the same problem and they got cured as well. It really does work it is easy, free and permanent. Imagine the joy you would feel once you finally don’t have to think about your problems anymore.

You can simply try a technique called Iontophoresis for this. The effects of this therapy are really good. In this process, electricity is passed in the solution in which your hands are placed. This technique has been truly practiced by many physicians in USA and has really proven to be effective.