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Fast food as a dining concept got its start with the drive-in restaurants started in the 1950s. The twist that really made this option take off was the ready-to-eat approach pioneered by McDonalds. The menus featured hamburgers, fries and shakes.

You’ll also see photos of the touch screen kiosk. Believe me, it’s even simpler than it looks. It guides you through your options. You just point, look, agonize until you finally have to chose, make your final selection, finalize the order, and collect your t-shirt.

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Matt seems to like the idea of supplements for a buck. Adding (a lot of) fruit to the muesli ($6) is a buck. So is adding copious amounts of bacon or sausage to the egg dishes, and adding fries or potato salad to barbecued burgers or sandwich es. He uses huckleberry barbecue sauce for the chicken Egg bread sandwich kids ($8.50) and chipolte horseradish for the cowboy steak sandwich ($11).

Chef Matt “Tioga” Toomey, who grew up in Point Loma in San Diego County, is the driving force for what is not just a sit-down restaurant, but an outstanding one. He is so outgoing and eager to talk to the customers that he seems more a host than a chef, but the food bears the stamp of creative, health-conscious California cuisine. A “Trans-Fat Free Zone” is prominently displayed. Ingredients are notably fresh and he pushes buffalo and elk in preference to beef though there is also excellent Black Angus beef from just Egg bread sandwich up the road).

If you have always wanted to make one at home, but you were unsure how much meat and cheese to buy, here are some 6-foot sub combos to give you the confidence to move forward.

For now, I pay attention when I feel the slighted bit dizzy. I never know when another day of vertigo will occur, but I am more prepared for the next time.