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Movies are boring, and you’re not really theater people? Try a magic show. Let the mysteries of the unknown wash over you as you sip a cocktail together and enjoy real entertainment.

For the Gamer – Spend the day at an arcade. Shoot pool, play air hockey or try your hand at a few popular video games. Ask your son to teach you how to play. This gives him a chance to show off his knowledge and will help bring your relationship to another level.

Go karts, batting cages and Laser Tag Game. For the kid at heart, this kind of buck’s party allows you to get in touch with your playful side while spending some quality time with the guys in the wedding party. After a day of playing, you will probably have worked up quite the appetite, so it’s probably a good idea to end the day by throwing some streaks on the grill.

With a variety of output powers that is offered alongside these gadgets, one must think about how long will I want my laser to last or should it last? Green diode quality spell the difference in the question of how long will your device last. Cheap variations provide only 100-500 hours of use, while the high quality counterpart can last as long as 5000+ hours and also comes with a 3-6 month standard warranty.

Cowboy Style Shooting – Another fun sport to try is the cowboy style shooting. Again, this is done with a real gun. Often the participants even dress in the full cowboy garb and use old-fashioned revolvers. They shoot at targets which pop up, as if they were out in the real Wild-West.

Another disposal method that has been very beneficial to the patient and efficient is called cutting. A ready to use scalpel and a pair of sterilized scissors will be of some use in this process. Cutting is very simple and need not to worry the patient over pain. Antiseptic should be helpful after procedure is over so an infection does not set in.

Sweet 16 Action Party – Take them to a laser tag or paint ball facility and let them cut loose. Guys love playing these high-tech versions of an old-fashioned game of tag. Afterwards, let them eat pizza and re-live their laser tag and paint ball adventures. If they are wanting to little more bonding time, you might consider renting an action-packed movie.