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We will all agree that we are going through some tough financial times in America. It may not have hit your home head on but you probably know people that have been hit by the recession. I have a friend whose husband was working for a company that was being paid by the government. He kept working and they quit paying because the government found loopholes in their contract. After two years, they were still hoping that the loopholes would close and they would be paid and be able to save their lives.

The shoes were in all styles. There were some sneakers but more high heels, some great peep toes and “pizza” toes and super cute slides. These were as low as $3.00 and ran up to $18.00. Most of them looked as though they’d never touched a floor. Like I said, their items are in almost new condition. None of their items showed any signs of wear.

You may have bought that cute second home when your income was great, but with the current downsizing in your job you can no longer afford it. Or, the 100% loan the bank was so generous in offering has also kept you from gaining any equity in your home. You may need to get out of that trap and move on with your life.

St. Louis may not be the capital of fashion of the world, but St. Louis is definitely the place to look when shopping for plus size apparel. A very noteworthy source for fashion trends in the St. Louis area is Curvy Diva Boutique. This shop has everything a plus size woman would ever want or need. From shoes to clothes to accessories, Curvy Diva Boutique has something appealing to offer. The curvy diva boutique is a plus size resale shop catering to sizes 12 and up. They are a thrift store Dallas TX and they only offer buying outright, no consignments necessary. If you want to resell your clothes, you get a check on the spot.

Reduce costs by buying a prom dress well in advance or perhaps away from season. Fortunately that dress styles commonly do not change from year to year. Many teenagers start dress searching about 8 weeks before prom evening when retail stores feature them. However, purchasing a dress six months or even more beforehand can yield exactly the same styles at breathtaking financial savings. For this choice, try looking in niche stores that sell fancy gowns year-round.

Many moms have figured out the difference to dressing their kids for less by leveraging seasonal sales and by re-selling on-line. Eventually, they build up a re-cycling clothing fund for their kids and never have to spend out of their next paycheck.

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