Funny Love Stories That Gives You That Fuzzy Feeling

“All animals are created equal…but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell couldn’t have summed up the dating world better when he wrote the social allegory: “Animal Farm”. Of course, we are extrapolating. But anyone who has been in and out of the dating game will agree that it can be a jungle out there. Think catfights, puppy love and rabbit stew.

Successful dates are simple dates. They are casual and fun. Believe me when I say that desperation comes across as though you have a placard over your head announcing it. Weather in search of white single female or single female asian, never ever be desperate to date. If you are then this is the time to take a breather ironically. How many times has someone said that you meet a person when you least expect it. It’s true, that’s why. So successful dating is when it’s part of your monthly routine but not the be all and end all.

Jolynne: I prefer not to blend my two careers together. I do a lot of what I refer to as “documents of death” at my legal secretary position, those documents after or in preparation of death. Although I also work on a lot of corporate and real estate documents, I’m not really interested in doing any more of those kinds of work than necessary.

Guard your personal information and your assets. Know that there are many people who are quick to take advantage of the loneliness of seniors. Be aware that not everyone you meet may be a person of substance, ethically and morally.

Why O Why do people take showers until they run out of hot water. How come others get dressed before they brush their teeth and men that need to shave. When is texting and instant message abbreviations and slang going to be taught in your local school system. Can you imagine what the spelling bees are going to be like then, “Suzy, can you spell the sentence, I don’t know how I’m going to”, “IDK how I’m goin’ 2” .

So, onto the next step, and this is also important and will require you to remember the past you shared together. You need to try and recreate the friendship you once experienced with him. There is no need to go in search of the Top Periscope straight away; the friendship at this moment is more applicable to your needs. Once you have built a friendship on honesty and trust, show a little of your fun side and let him see you in your true colours. From here, the natural next step is for him to want more.

I hate to love Kool-aid, but hey its cheap and loaded with sugar. I’m disappointed how my life has turned out to this point which is probably all my fault, but I am excited for what the near future brings. I love to write, and hate to be wrong. I can’t stand not being able to do something and am stubborn enough to try it again with the same results over and over until I finally figure it out. Like the two news articles I wrote for AC. Can’t get paid for either one, but one made the front publish. A little ironic but OK AC thanks!

And so to the artists, say you are not one for romance and roses, perhaps once in a while you can shelve your strong opinions and bid away from “being different”. This woman is your special lady. Say she never asked for flowers, but why deny her the simple joy of receiving them? And if you really cannot, why not paint her a picture?