How To Design A Search Engine Friendly Website?

Any text file with the extension ‘.html’ is termed as a web page. It may contain information in the form of text and/or graphics. A web page may contain hyperlinks, commonly known as ‘links’. When a user first enters the website, he is directed to the home page. Clicking on links, takes him to other pages of the site. Links are in the form of both text and graphics.

If all of the info is correct – summarise the order info before processing. When an order has successfully gone through, make this clear to the user. Offer a summary of the transaction, including a reference number.

You must decide what you want from the web developer. What do you actually want him to perform? Do you need a web design company in bangalore only or you want everything that requires marketing and maintaining?

The long-range branding of Nike has been a steady-on, unwavering approach. They show imagery with ambient sound effects followed by their familiar Nike logo swoosh. Sometimes they add the tagline, ‘Just Do It’. This is their branding attitude.

They need a strong hold on CSS, which means that table layouts are not an option. CSS is the foundation of your design of your website. A developer should be able to code a full design with purely CSS. This will keep websites loading quickly, search engines happy and a webmaster life a lot easier.

If most of your site is generated by a database (for example, a book dealer with large stock is changing every minute) it is possible that some of its pages are not indexed by the engines major search. If you look at the URL of these pages can be very long and have characters such as?, #, &,%, O well, along with large amounts of seemingly random numbers or letters. Since these pages are generated automatically by the database when necessary, the search engines have a hard time keeping up to date and relevant to search engine users.

As I said, design is something that comes with time, but if you follow some basic guidelines, which includes simply looking at other sites, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how to put together a web site that is attractive and holds the attention of your visitors.