How To Wax Your Car Properly

How do I get the book value of my car? There are several ways to determine the book value of your car before selling or trading it for a new set of wheels. To find the value of your car use the following resources, the Kelley Blue Book, the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Guides and the Black Book.

When you pay your premium over several months, your insurance company will add a couple of dollars to each monthly bill. It may not be a lot each month, but there are 12 months in a year, so it adds up.

We covered this topic numerous times on our website. To put it simply, if you are trading a used Honda for a new Honda at a Honda dealership, you may get more for your trade-in; especially if you bought your Honda at that specific dealership. The important thing to remember here is that you can substitute Honda for any other manufacturer and that anytime your trade-in was built by the same company as the new car you wish to buy, you have a better chance of seeing your trade-in value increase.

DO know that negotiating used car prices is always an option that is open to you. Despite the fact that some sellers will attached a “price is firm” quote along with their listing, most are open to negotiating if you start to haggle. Their goal in saying price is firm is to create a strong impression that they will not negotiate, but a good percentage will actually lower their selling price if presented with a decent offer.

Assuming you are applying for a car loan, like most of car buyers do, the rule of the thumb is simple: the amount of monthly mortgage should not exceed to 20% of your monthly income less tax. Anything higher would compromise other expenses and can definitely give you great financial stress. For example, if your monthly income less tax is $500, the maximum amount of car mortgage should not exceed $100. Now, you might say, “That’s okay, I can buy a car anytime.” Not too fast. Remember that your financial responsibility on owning a car is not limited to your monthly fee. Factors such as gas, maintenance, etc. which have monetary equivalent can eat a large chunk of your monthly budget significantly. Also consider your existing loans, monthly credit card bills, house mortgage, etc.

You can get the loan according to the value of your car. These loans can range up to 120% of the what’s my car worth Canada. The repayment plan of the loan is also very flexible the tenure and the installment amount can be fixed according to the borrowers capabilities to pay the money back. If you want to pay the money in short term than you will have to pay the installments of a larger amount. So you should always decide the installment on the bases of your next paychecks. The installment should not be a burden on your next paychecks.

Classic car insurance has been available for years. You need to check with your provider, but usually there are some minimal driving restrictions relative to mileage, say less than 5000 miles per year. Many will require that you have a day-to-day car already registered so the classic will not be used for routine transportation.

After test driving the car, see if the seller is happy to let you get it scrutinized independently. Any kind of hesitation from him can be a warning. You should not be intimidated when he says no or tries to be difficult.