Install Mirror Wall Tiles For An Elegant Decor

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The first step is to ring around and ask three Byron Bay Tilers to call around to have a look. Remember to be friendly as you want to make these people want to work at your house and do a very nice job of it too.

You will need to ascertain that the contractor will only be working on your project and not just turning up every couple of days due to other work contracts. It will be OK if the company is sizable enough to cope with more than one job but you’ll definitely need clarification of this before you hire them.

Vinyl. Vinyl Tiling is the way to go, if you’re working on a tight budget. Per square foot, you’d only need to pay $4 maximum. If you know where to look you can even get vinyl tiles for as low as $1!

Step #7 – SET SHOWER PAN: Lower shower pan into place. Check the pan for level. Press down as necessary to re-level the shower pan. Apply a silicone bead along the front edge of the threshold to seal the threshold of the pan to the sub-floor.

The next step is budgeting. Find out how much all of these changes are going to cost. Consider both budget and “dream” options. For instance, you can opt to paint your bathroom wall tiles rather than replace them with something new or maybe you can thoroughly clean your shower screen and those areas that require a deep clean to make it sparkle again or you might want to substitute the designer tapware range for a more affordable tapware range.

It is different to tile a shower than it is to tile a shower and tub combo. When you are doing a bathroom remodel for a tub and shower, make sure to ask the salesperson at the home improvement store about specifics in reference to a tub and shower tile remodel. If you do not wish to use an actual tub and want to tile the tub section, there are some very specific precautions and specifications to be done with the tile. If you do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to hire someone to help you. While tiling walls is easy for a novice, tiling a tub is not quite as easy!