Is That Food On A Stick?: State Fair Time In Oklahoma

When booking my first ever trip to Las Vegas for September 2007, I knew I wanted to stay in one of the famous hotels. The Bellagio topped my list, but the price was just too high to justify. Next up was the MGM Grand. I had many friends and family that had stayed at this hotel and all came back with positive reviews.

New Mexico- The Frito Pie was invented in the 1930’s and has been a huge hit in New Mexico since. The original Frito pie was just chili on top of Frito lays. Over the years, people have put their own twist on it and new recipes have been discovered. Most restaurants serve it with; Lettuce, cheese, tomato, jalapenos, beans, onions, beef, and of course, Frito’s. It always depends on the topping when it comes to averaging out the grams of fat. Let’s just say that all of the above are served, there would be 46 grams of fat and 14 grams of saturated fat.

Located at 1814 W Foothill Blvd, otherwise known as Historic Route 66 in Upland,California, Buffalo Inn is not your typical bar. For starters its in an old two story open beamed house or Inn as they call it and second there’s very little seating inside or at the bar.

This afternoon, after thinking about the Big Cheeses Steak more than once, I decided to let my hunger guide me and I made my way to a Subway sandwich shop located near my home. I ordered a six – inch, or half of, a Big cheeses steak sub and I’m very glad that I did. The flavor, size, texture and overall quality of the sandwich was excellent and the price was reasonable. I was so impressed with the Subway Big cheeses steak that I decided to write a review of the item. Presented here, in an effort to assist the consumer, is one food writer’s consumer product review of the Big sub served at Subway sandwich shops everywhere.

Sugar ‘n Spice serves up American cuisine as well as wonderful Greek food. The burgers and fries are great and the restaurant has many devoted long time customers. Locals also love the wonderful souvlaki at Sugar n’ Spice as well as the baklava. I love the roast beef sandwich and their cheeseburger with lettuce and mayo. Try Sugar n’ Spice and enjoy the retro feel. Although Sugar n’ Spice was once a drive-in and still looks like one on the outside, there is no curb service. So go on in, enjoy a burger and feel like you’re back in the sixties. There is no menu online, but Sugar n’ Spice serves all of the normal American fast food fare.

Wisconsin- At many fairs and carnivals in this state, deep-fried cheese curds are most popular. Cheese curds are made up of milk and/or beer, cheese, sugar and flour. This tasty dish adds up to 40 grams of fat, each serving.

If you happen to be out toward Cortez Blvd. a trip to Pizza Villa may be in order. They recently relocated and the new building is a big step up. Going from a sports bar feel, the new place definitely feels more like an Italian restaurant. The food has not changed with the new building and I am thankful for it. With some mighty fine Wings and some great Baked Ziti (I know I recommended it for two different places, I love my baked ziti) this is up there with Mario’s as a great dinner suggestion.

Wyoming- Lamb isn’t the worst meat to choose from, but it isn’t the best either. Lamb chops are the ribs of the animal and the fattiest part of the body. A 3 ounce serving of lamb chops range from 10-12 grams.