It Is Never Too Late To Start Following A Green Way Of Life

Nowadays the number of people who are switching to more ecologically friendly products is increasing. And this includes the use of cotton bags. The advantage of cotton bags is that it is made from a sustainable, biodegradable product. After all, cotton is a byproduct of the cotton plant. Not only is it more environmentally friendly compared to paper and plastic bags, it can be used over and over again. It is very durable and practical to use. If taken care of properly it will last a long time. When a product can be used many times over, it means that it does not have to be reproduced nearly as much.

Buy in bulk. We are park of a homeschool program where we buy things in bulk and then divide up the supplies. This saves us a lot of money, allows us to donate some of the things to the co-op and get the chance to try out new items. If you have an extra shelf or drawer at home and can store some extra supplies, this is a great way to stretch out your back to school budget even farther.

Most pumpkins should be planted in spring when the temperature stays above sixty degrees Fahrenheit. However, make sure that it doesn’t freeze after you plant your pumpkins because this could end up killing them. If you think it might freeze, then try placing some anti static plastic bags over your pumpkins to keep them warm. This will work for a light freeze, but a hard freeze will still kill the plants. So be careful about your timing. As for sunlight, try and keep your pumpkins in partial sun.

Your camera can hold hundreds of pictures, but more than one photographer has had an unexpected opportunity pop up. Don’t doom yourself to brooding about the shot that got away because you used up your memory on a planned photo shoot and then happened upon a perfect opportunity to catch some action shots. It’s enough to make a grown many cry to realize a lack of memory is the one thing between him and the photo of a lifetime. Camera bags have plenty of room for one or two memory cards. They just don’t take up that much space.

Tip 6;Vinegar can do wonders for cleaning. Granted, the odor is strong, but it clears quickly. If you have burnt food in the bottom of a pan, use vinegar and water and heat it on the stove. Let it set for a while and then wipe out the burnt residue. You can mix water with vinegar in a spray bottle and wash windows. No more need for Windex. Vinegar is cheaper than any other cleaning item. You can even save more money, by buying a bigger bottle.

There are a number of options when it comes to providing a receptacle for the after product of that fine supper you had last night. It may appear the most convenient would be to install waste tanks and a permanently mounted toilet. Sure it’s nice to be able to sit down and read the paper while your … but do you have the room to dedicate not only the space for the toilet but the required waste tanks and water system that make it work.

Oh yes. I just published my third book about women’s heart disease and my own personal story. It’s called SURVIVING. I dream (by working very hard) that this book will allow me many speaking engagements and I will be able to support my part of our family’s income with my speaking and writing.

If you don’t want to buy a bucket, ask around at a construction site or your paint store. They might have a bumper crop of buckets they’d be happy to give to a good home with an interest in reducing, reusing, and recycling-as well as gardening.