Own Your Own Vineyard With Wine Tycoon Game And Become A Wine Baron

Your best friends have decided to tie the knot and you couldn’t be happier. They’re also having an Arizona wedding and that’s great, too. Now, you have to decide what to get the happy couple as a wedding gift. There are several things to take into consideration when buying a wedding gift. If you live close enough that you can transport the gift, your options are wide open. If you have to fly to Arizona to attend the wedding, your options might be a bit more limited.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate – dark 59% is a great dark chocolate to pair with a dry, fruity red Wine such as California’s Wild Bunch Red . This is a surprisingly good Wine and Chocolate Hamper, with flavors of strawberries and raspberries that complement your dark chocolate very well. These two were simply meant to go together. And, I love the label. It would make a cool tattoo!

The Perfect 10 Diet: Dr. Aziz is anti the extreme-dieting trend. He suggests by optimizing the body’s levels of 10 key hormones people can increase energy and encourage weight loss. Bottom line: Calories should be allocated as 40% good carbs (beans, whole grains), 20% protein and 40% healthy fats.

If they’ve purchased a new home Wine and Chocolate are in the midst of remodeling, consider a gift card to a local home improvement store. If you’re close enough to them to know they’re working with contractors, talk to the contractor about picking up part of the remodeling tab. Maybe you could talk to an interior decorator about suggestions for decorating the whole house or a room or two.

Have some juice with your breakfast. Fructose, found in all fruit juices, helps your body burn alcohol faster, says Dr. Diamond*. So grab some OJ or apple juice to speed up the hangover healing process.

Meritage is the kind of wine which is similar to Bordeaux but only wines made in Bordeaux can be called so. There are regulations to label a bottle as Meritage. The wineries should have acquired the approval of the Meritage association to use the name.

You can buy chocolate and wine gift baskets all yearlong, and everywhere. Even if you don’t have time to go shopping, or to prepare the baskets yourself, there are plenty of online gift shops. There you get to pick your presents among thousands of models!