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Just last week, in one of my management and leadership class, a General Manager of a SME was lamenting to me how difficult it was to get his team to work independently as a group. How resistant these people were to change and to work from their own minds, some being in the company for more than 20 years, much longer than he had been (10 years). And “when people has been working too long in a company, they tend to be complacent about their work environment and after some time, have fixed mindsets that are almost impossible to unfix” – that’s what he said.

And so it was eagerly that I awaited the stories of five attendees at a recent Roaring Women Dinner Meeting who were scheduled to speak about how they had become successful. I had asked each of them to tell their stories of success at a meeting – so that the ‘little secrets’ that exist within our peers could be revealed.

Just to set you straight, right from the beginning. I’m not here to talk about millionaires, Most Richest persons in the world or a home business; I’m here to talk about you.

Do you even have a goal which I like to refer too as a promise because one does not want to break a promise even if it is a promise that you have made to your self.

First before I share my findings with you let me ask you this If you have a choice which you absolutely do of Youngest Billionaires being a millionaire or a billionaire which would you choose to be?

Not only do the top richest people tend to be able to pounce when the moment’s right, they also make patience a habit. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com in 1994, didn’t turn a profit until 7 years later in fourth quarter of 2001. That goes to show, a good seed that is sown on Monday does not bear bountiful fruit to harvest on Tuesday. After all, sometimes it takes a while for a good idea to pay off.

Alright, we may not all be emperors, otherwise who would be the servants? But you certainly can be a very well off butler. It certainly is well within your reach.