Professional Home Inspections. What Everyone Needs To Know.

When putting out your advertisement, never use the words “asking”; or “negotiable” with your selling price. This will only make it seem like you’re not sure of the value of your home. Why bother setting the price in the first place if further negotiation is likely to change it anyways?

If you are buying, insist on being present for any that take place. Follow the inspector around and ask questions to make sure you are making an offer on a house that is structurally sound. Inspections on homes for sale are a must.

Real Estate Agent – A real estate agent is supposed to give you names, plural, of home inspection businesses in the area that are licensed and insured. You may not necessarily want to use a home inspector the real estate agent recommended because they usually recommend the ones that will help get the deal done. Take the names of the home inspectors as a starting point in choosing a home inspector.

Ask friends for recommendations. In particular, ask people who have purchased a house a year ago. Some problems with a house that an inspector may have missed only surface over time.

It’s easy when you’re house hunting to forget what it’s going to be like to sell your home down the road. But as you tour homes, put yourself in the perspective of the sellers. You may be drawn to a home that has quirky features or no closets or just one, tiny bathroom (You can use armoires. Share showers.) But others may not be as enthusiastic. When you buy, think about the day it comes time to sell.

Once we have identified interesting homes, you can contact an agent to go see them. At this point you might write an offer on one, or more of the homes you see. The Southern California Market has seen drastic drops in price, but there has also been a flurry of offers, no reason not to explore all homes you have interest in. Remember that listing prices are simply the sellers’ wish price, not the one they might actually take. The next step would be counter offers or acceptance of our offer. For the purposes of this article, let’s assume you found a home at a good price and are ready to open escrow.

Also, ask them about their home inspection reports. What kind of report is the inspector going to provide you at the end of the inspection? Does this report include photographs of potential problems? It should!

Don’t allow yourself you become duped into working for someone who is just out to make a quick buck. Look for someone who does have your best interests at heart. This makes the second time I have worked with this particular agent, and I will look him up again when the time comes back around to sell and move.