Starting A Home Day Care

As a buyer’s agent I have seen it all when it comes to home buying. Helping people to find their dream homes has been a real education and it has helped me to identify what too look for when buying a home. There are quite a few things to look for so only some of the major things will be listed in this article. Hopefully you will find them helpful in your home search.

This agent likes working with buyers who also want a utility bill that is only $500-$1000 a year. Sparking interest already? You hear that green building ideals offer healthier indoor air quality. Interesting. You find a home that has an Energy Star, Environments for Living, Green Build or LEED green certification. Priced the same as other homes, that home has a low utility bill and energy efficient systems and utilizes solar and is in the perfect area too. What will you choose?

Every mortgage has hidden costs associated with it, from legal fees to home inspector Palm Springs CA to bank’s closing costs. Before you commit to any mortgage, remember to ask about all the closing costs. You don’t want a $5000 surprise – much less 10 times that amount! – on closing day.

In my most recent home purchase, I actually found the house I want, my agent let me in to check it out, and then he coordinated all the steps from making the offer to following through on the deal. We close at the end of this month. It has been a fairly painless process so far (marred only by writing other checks in addition to my down payment, such as home inspections).

I know many Realtors out there who think their only job is to sell houses. But the job of a good Realtor is to know every aspect of the real estate industry form residential, commercial, and real estate investing.

Once you are at the point where you want to put in an offer, make a list of questions and talk to your realtor so that you can learn about some of the potential issues which may affect the final purchase. You should also have these questions ready before your home inspection, so I, (if you choose me) can help you with some of your concerns.

Although most bank-owned homes are sold “as is”, does not mean that you cannot negotiate repairs. The banks say they do not want to pay for repairs, but I’m willing to walk to the transaction, why not pay $ 600.00 and the heating or hot water to make $ 1500.00 repair roofs. It is likely that the next buyer to find the same problem, and we want the same concession. The Bank may offer to pay half the repair, which is better than paying 100% of you.