The Best Way To Optimize Pc

If you have launched a new web site or added new pages to your existing one, then it might take a long time for search engines to index your web pages. In today’s competitive environment, no company can afford to lose business even for a single day. Then how can you wait for few weeks to appear on the results? Since, this can lead to huge losses; it is best to follow some tips that will expedite the process of the indexing.

Update the PC’s video and motherboard chipset drivers. Also, update and configure the BIOS. For more information on how to configure your BIOS properly, see this article on my site.

26. Disable all unnecessary services. Depending on configuration, you may want to disable File and Print, FTP, World Wide Web, Routing and Remote Access, IIS Admin Service, Telnet, Smart Card and Smart Card Helper, Terminal Services, Uninterruptible Power Supply. Also make sure you disable Google indexing service, as this usually significantly slows down your system.

I suspected those sites using it agressively would meet certain moderator death. Another issue was … will 20 posts a day of nothing but short urls be reliable bait for Google bot to keep coming back – daily? I had already wasted enough time – I didn’t feel like taking another flyer on what I determined to be questionable SEO and indexation tactics right from the start. Fortunately, a friend turned me onto one of the coolest WordPress Plugins I’ve ever used. Backlink Energizer.

Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS): Disable this if you have another firewall such as Norton or Zone Alarm installed, otherwise let it remain ON for better security.

Do you use a lot of IM Messengers? If you do, consider downloading Trillian. AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger all use up a LOT of memory. With Trillian, you can connect to all of them with just one messenger. And honestly, Trillian uses less memory then either AIM, MSN, or Yahoo. Imagine how much memory it takes to run all three at once. If you are doing that, just download Trillian.This will instantly increase your PC speed.

Here, I just talk about several approaches to fix windows 7 slow startup. But if you want to repair Windows XP slow startup, you may also build on those methods I illustrated above.