Wedding Photography Advice – Advice Other Brides Wished They Followed

The world of photography is today dominated by colour everywhere. You will hardly see a black and white photograph you see today and only a few serious photographers do this full time. So why did black and white photography decline?

Will you ever take a photograph that will be viewed 100 years from now? It’s possible! But there’s one way to guarantee that you will never take that really memorable picture. No being prepared when the opportunity arises. So here are some tips to better increase your odds.

Photography wasn’t always hi-tech. In the not so distant past, there weren’t too many gadgets that you could stick onto your camera to enhance your shot-taking skills. Nowadays, there are lenses designed for very specific situations as well as remote flash systems, filters, and built-in photo editing software.

You need to know who your targeted audience is. This is important in any type of business. It’s not always about what you enjoy shooting. It can be more about who wants the Ronald Reagan Building Washington DC event photographers.

These two series of books – the Kodak event photography series and the series of books by John Hedgecoe will transform your photography. Another book you can look up is the Joy of Photography.

Posed shots – This are photos taken of the married couple as the ceremony goes on. They are required to pose at certain junctures and photos are taken. A good example is like when they are giving each other a bite of the wedding cake.

Marketing your works attract more customers and more success. Make use of the Internet and other places where you can advertise and promote your photography skill and works. Always include your name and contact details with every photo you show on public, whether on Web pages, newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, etc.